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Featured Exhibits:

Emerging from the Shadows: Colchester’s School for Colored Children, 1804-1840

Emerging from the Shadows explores, what can be known with reasonable certainty about the history of Colchester’s School for Colored Children. Original writings, images, and objects have been brought together to tell the story in this exhibit.

Colchester’s Roots in Agriculture: Then and Now

Since its founding in 1698, Colchester has been a community rich in agriculture. Historical events impacted the boom and bust of the farming experience. This exhibit illustrates Colchester’s agricultural history through imagery, original documents and objects.

Permanent Exhibits:

The Story of the Champion Family

Colonel Henry Champion is known for driving a herd of cattle through the snow to General Washington’s starving troops at Valley Forge. His son, General Henry Champion became an outstanding military leader as well. Learn more about the Champion Family in this exhibit.

The Hayward Rubber Company

Established in 1847 by Nathaniel Hayward, the Hayward Rubber Company brought jobs and prosperity to the town of Colchester. Learn more about the company’s demise and eventual closure in 1908.

The History of the Bulkeley Family

In 1634, the Reverend Peter Bulkeley escaped religious persecution in England and traveled by ship to the new world with his family. This act marks the long history of the Bulkeley Family in New England, Connecticut and Colchester. Visit this exhibit to learn more about how Peter escaped England and how the Bulkeley Family left its mark on Connecticut.

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