Colchester History Museum Exhibits

Permanent Exhibits:

The Champion Story

The Hayward Rubber Company

The History of the Bulkeley Family

The Zagray Family

Changing Exhibits:

A Sense of Place: Postcards from the Past– an exhibit opening in mid-April highlighting post card images of historic buildings in Colchester.

Farmer’s, Cows and the Land: A Story of Modern Dairying –  exhibit shown in Spring/Summer  2012

Colchester In Miniatures/Window to the Past –  exhibit shown in Winter 2012 – Spring 2013.

Earl Holmes Photo Exhibit – Now showing at the museum every Saturday through January 2014.

Don’t Miss!

First Saturdays!

NEW program at the Colchester History Museum!

Join us on the first Saturday each month for a history-themed activity, FREE for our visitors to enjoy.

“The Colchester History Museum is excited about our new ‘First Saturdays’ program,” said museum administrator Joanie DiMartino. “It’s a great opportunity for visitors of all ages to visit the museum and participate in an activity that is fun, hands-on, and rooted in our history.” DiMartino noted that the First Saturdays programs are informal, so that visitors can stop by anytime during the 11 am to 2 pm open hours, and stay as little or as long as they like. “Just as the museum is self-guided,” she continued, “the ‘First Saturdays’ programs, led by one or two members of our volunteer staff, are free-flowing. We hope to generate interest in an activity or topic–there’s no pressure to be perfect, we just encourage visitors to try something different, an activity either once done or inspired by the past!”

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