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Save the Coggshell-Robinson House

Coggshell house 2018

This house has a chance to be saved with public support.  Yet, action must be taken now.

Why should I care? It’s private property.

Over that past three decades, whenever citizens have been asked what they like about it or what drew them to Colchester, a consistent theme has been the quality of life and the beauty and historic nature of the Town Green and the downtown that surrounds it.  Colchester has lost many of its treasures over the years and each one has been one too many.  Although it doesn’t look like much now it has been cited as one of the architectural “jewels” of Colchester and its loss would be a tragedy for the Town.

Is the house of historical importance to Colchester?

Yes, it is listed on the National Registry of Historic Places. The house was built circa 1810 by the Bulkeley family.  It was designed by the famous architect Isaac Fitch, who also designed Colchester’s first “meetinghouse” (church-now gone), as well as the New London County Courthouse, the Deming House (now gone), and the Joseph Trumbull House in Lebanon, to name a few notable examples.

click here to read more of the house’s history

 Can signing a petition help save it?

Yes it will.

If enough community support is shown, the state will get involved to help.  Through the Connecticut Environmental Policy Act, historically important houses can be protected.  They are considered part of the state’s natural resources.  Through the State Historic Preservation Office and CT Trust for Historic Preservation, efforts are made to find a solution to save the house.  If necessary, the state attorney general’s office will fight to get an injunction against possible demolition.

Where can I sign this petition?

We are working on locations and need volunteers.  If you would like to sign the petition or volunteer to help circulate it please email us.  Our email is

What will be the state of Connecticut and its partner’s role?

The State Historic Preservation Office

The State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) helps to ensure compliance with the Connecticut Environmental Policy Act. This act permits legal recourse for the unreasonable destruction of the state’s natural resources — protection that is also extended to historic structures and landmarks that are either:

  • properties listed or under consideration for listing on the National Register of Historic Places; or
  • properties that contribute to the historic significance of a district in that category, as determined by the State Historic Preservation Board.

Under this law, SHPO helps to evaluate any potential disruption or alteration of a historic, architectural or archaeological resource or of its setting. The SHPO team works collaboratively with the Connecticut Office of Policy and Management as well as other state agencies to integrate cultural resource consideration into any state agency project planning efforts.

This agency helps facilitate gaining grant money and tax credits to save a qualifying structure.

The Connecticut Trust for Historic Preservation

The Connecticut Trust for Historic Preservation is a nonprofit organization established by special acts of the State Legislature in 1975 and 1985 to preserve, protect, and promote the buildings, sites, and landscapes that contribute to the heritage and vitality of Connecticut communities.

They do provide boots on the ground assistance through their circuit rider program.

  • Technical assistance to help identify planning and capital needs and to suggest appropriate preservation techniques
  • Financial guidance to provide and identify appropriate grants and loans
  • Leadership in convening and negotiating among stakeholders
  • Policy and legal support, to empower communities to tailor-make laws to protect their assets



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