The Colchester History Museum formerly the Reverend John Ballard House The Reverend John Ballard House, now the Colchester History Museum, during restoration Colchester Historical Society Board of Governors with John Adams actor The Tomb of Gershom Bulkeley and his descendants among the stone markers in the Colchester Burying Ground Collection Committee archiving over 800 images and postcards of Colchester's Past Third Grade Historic Walking Tour of the Colchester Burying Ground John Warner Barber drawing with original School for Colored Children among the trees on the right side of church Volunteer, Bertha Glemboski, hosts the Third Grade Historic Walking Tour visit to the Nathaniel Foote House Hundreds of Colchester's students annually tour our Museum Looking north into Colchester from what is now Route 85 (New London Road) with the Smith Farm in the foreground. We invite guest speakers.  In this case, Children's Chairs: The Evolution of Furniture Styles

Member Services Page

Colchester Historical Society

Member Services Page

Dear esteemed member,

Thank you for being a valued member of the Colchester Historic Society.  Your dues and support help us keep our museum free and open to the public.  Your financial support is greatly appreciated and critical to our success.

As a supporting member, we want you to feel that you have a voice in how your Board of Governors stewards the Society into the future.

Your Board of Governors and Officers 2019-2020

Mary Tomasi- President
Linda Stoddard-Vice President
James Ciaglo- Secretary
Steven Kane-Treasurer
Many Thanks for Gigi Liverant for many past years of service as President
Carol Amell, Bertha Glemboski, , Arthur Liverant, Goldie Liverant, James McNair (Director of Development and Marketing), Brian Smith, Jean Smith, Sheila Tortorigi, Gary Walters, Donald Standish, Denise Turner

Approved Board of Governor Meeting Minutes: 2019-2020

Financial information is redacted.  Treasurer reports are available upon request,

The August 19th meeting did not have a quorum to approve minutes.


Our first annual report is now ready for publication.  This new initiative was approved by the Board of Governors.  The report shows the progress and governance of the Colchester Historical Society for this fiscal year.


2018_2019 FY Colchester Historical Society annual report final BOG approved




Next meeting: Sept 24 CHS Museum

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June 16 (membership mtg)

Meetings start at 7:00 at the CHS Museum.

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The mission of the Colchester Historical Society is to enlighten the community to the rich history of Colchester

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To mark our 55th Anniversary a look at CHS beginnings.

Read about Colchester’s 8 National Treasures

New Member Services page added to keep members informed:

Updates for new events.

Details on our Ice Cream Social Wednesday, August 14, 2019 at 6:00 pm

Update on efforts to save the Cogshell Robinson House

We are grateful to the many people who signed our petition to help save the house from demolition.  Our effort is now getting support from the State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) and the Connecticut Trust for Historic Preservation.  These two organizations are now actively engaged in helping to save this important Federal style structure as an integral part of the National Registered Village District in Colchester.
If you want to continue to help save this house from demolition, please write a letter of support to: The State Historic Preservation Office, Attention Todd Levine, 450 Columbus Boulevard, Suite 5, Hartford, CT 06103.  A hearing in front of the Historic Preservation Council will be held in early September to determine the fate of the house.  Your letter to SHPO can make a difference.  Thank you.


 Preserving history is more than buildings and places

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