The Colchester History Museum formerly the Reverend John Ballard House The Reverend John Ballard House, now the Colchester History Museum, during restoration Colchester Historical Society Board of Governors with John Adams actor Colchester Burying Ground located behind Bacon Academy.  Interred at the cemetery are the remains of Pierpont and Abigail Bacon, the Reverend John Bulkeley and the Tomb of Gershom Bulkeley and his descendants. The Tomb of Gershom Bulkeley and his descendants among the stone markers in the Colchester Burying Ground Collection Committee archiving over 800 images and postcards of Colchester's Past Third Grade Historic Walking Tour of the Colchester Burying Ground John Warner Barber drawing with original School for Colored Children among the trees on the right side of church Volunteer, Bertha Glemboski, hosts the Third Grade Historic Walking Tour visit to the Nathaniel Foote House Hundreds of Colchester's students annually tour our Museum Looking north into Colchester from what is now Route 85 (New London Road) with the Smith Farm in the foreground. We invite guest speakers.  In this case, Children's Chairs: The Evolution of Furniture Styles

Colchester Historical Society Volunteers

What’s so good about volunteering for the Colchester Historical Society?

  • You don’t have to like history to do it.
  • You can do it once for an hour and never come back, quit your job and devote your whole life to CHS, or anything in between. You’ll still make a difference and we’ll be VERY grateful for your help.
  • You can invite friends to do it with you.
  • You can come by yourself and make new friends.
  • You can do some of it from the comfort of your own home!
  • Whatever you do—you’ll feel good about the contribution you’ve made!


Here’s a list of some opportunities—you may have ideas to add and we welcome those!

Take pictures at a program or event
You can do it once and never again, every once in a while, or for every event. The pictures don’t have to be perfect—just clear and filled with smiling people!

  • Documents our story
  • Provides us with a pool of photos to put on our website and in the paper
  • Shows people who weren’t there how much fun they’re missing!

Help keep our new web site up to date
You can do this at home. How easy is that? We’re all busy, but a job that you can do in the comfort of your own home might be way for you to contribute to our community without stressing yourself out!

  • Keeps people up to date on CHS news, programs, projects and volunteer opportunities
  • Provides local students, scouts and teachers with information & inspiration for projects
  • Helps far-away genealogists connect with the town that launched their families

Be an oral historian! Grab one of our digital recorders, a list of questions and chat with a town elder for an hour
We’ll tell you what you need to know and connect you to a person with a story. In just a short amount of time, you will see Colchester through new eyes, value someone’s memories of the past, and save them for all time. That’s pretty impressive.

  • Preserves stories about Colchester that are fresh, fascinating…and destined to be lost forever if someone doesn’t act soon!
  • Colchester students and new comers will learn Colchester history by listening to real voices from the past—much more interesting then the ways we usually learn about history!

Transcribe recorded oral histories at home, at your own pace
It’s not hard to do, you can do it at home, and you will really enjoy listening to the recordings and typing them out. It’s a whole new way to experience history—and an important way to share it.

  • Makes information captured on tape even more accessible for students and researchers.
  • Easy access means richer content for programs, exhibits and student projects.

Help inventory our collections— spend a few hours with friends and a lap top looking at really interesting old stuff, writing descriptions down, and taking pictures of them
If you think looking through an old attic filled with family treasures is fun—wait until you start working on Colchester’s attic! Objects from the 1700s to the recent past are waiting to delight and inform you!

  • Lists and photos of our collections will give us a better handle on what we own and enable us to create more exhibitions and programs.
  • Lists help students and researchers
  • Lists help us see the “holes” in our collections: what’s missing from our collections and how can we fill that need?

Bake cookies for a program
This is another one that you can do on a whim or on a regular basis. It’s up to you!

  • Food makes everything better! Refreshments after a program encourage community spirit and provide a rare chance for people to unwind, share stories and absorb what they’ve learned.
  • Donated cookies and brownies are a lot better than store bought and enable CHS to use funds for more programs and preservation

Post program flyers up around town or at work
Incorporate this into Saturday errands—it couldn’t be easier but the extra PR will go a long way to help the Society!

  • Makes people aware of programs and increases attendance—so more people learn about our town’s history and take pride in its past

Help out with our annual Festival on the Green—sell refreshments, set up the green, clean up at end of day, coordinate other volunteers—there’s a lot to do but many hands make light work!
You can help with planning throughout the year or show up on the event day—either way, you’ll make a significant contribution to life in Colchester

  • Helps spread the work load out for our biggest event—and fundraiser—of the year
  • Adds even more community spirit to a fun day
  • Enables the CHS to raise more money to support its educational programs

Give tours to people who visit our museum
This is a bigger commitment because you’ll need some training. Invite your mom, son, daughter or friend to do it with you, and volunteer time will double as quality time with a loved one!

  • Enables us to open the museum on a regular basis and teach more people about our town


Interested? Give us a call or send us an email and we’ll love to meet you.
(860)537-4230 or and Thank You!

We regret that our museum is closed due to COVID-19, we apologize for any inconvenience.  However,  you can now visit the Colchester History Museum virtually using our new 360 Virtual Tour!  Click on the introductory video link and then click the 360 Museum Tour for the full experience.  Enjoy your tour and visit us in 2021 when we reopen the museum.

For Museum Virtual Tour Introduction click here

360 Virtual Museum Tour

The mission of the Colchester Historical Society is to enlighten the community to the rich history of Colchester

To mark our 57th Anniversary a look at CHS beginnings.

Coggshell-Robinson House circa 1870

A sad ending to a great example of our structural history, the demolition of the Coggshell-Robinson House: ‎

Emerging from the Shadows: the Story of Colchester’s School for Colored Children, 1803-1840 winner of the Connecticut League of History Organizations’ Award of Merit and the American Association of State and Local History Leadership in History Award:…ildren-1804-1840/

 Preserving history is more than buildings and places

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