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Coggshell-Robinson House Update

The Coggshell-Robinson House will not be knocked to the ground
Petition Drive on Hold

At a recent Historic District Commission meeting, CHS learned the demolition notice is not for the total destruction of the house. The owner of the lot made several attempts to get the Town or private developer to take ownership of the house. Even helping with relocation costs, he had no takers. As a result, he is working with a house contractor to dismantle the house. The plan is to sell the framing, stairs, doors, windows, rafters, moldings and trim as a kit. This kit will include plans for a new owner to reassemble at a new location. At the moment, there is not a buyer. Until that time after the site is cleared, the kit will be stored in 40’ trailers. We will keep you posted as soon as we can.

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Announcing petition drive to save the Coggshell-Robinson House

Coggshell-Robinson House Update.  Petition drive on hold


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